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The Batman Movie Review

3 · 07 · 22

I’ve seen The Batman twice, now. The first time I saw it, I had an idea of what to expect, but it was still a lot to take in so to be fair, another review was in order. This is a non-spoiler review.

So, I give this movie a B+. Why not an A? Simple, it’s too long. The movie could have cut 20 minutes and it would have been near perfect. There were a number of scenes that seemed to linger five seconds too long and some scenes that seemed unnecessary altogether.

All this extra makes the third act feel like the fourth acts. The final scene should not have been the final scene. You’ll know which scene should have been the final if you each it for yourself.

The plot was very good, even if it had a hang up here or there. This is a detective/noir movie, not a super hero movie. If you Batman the super hero, you’re going to have to wait until the third movie in this inevitable trilogy. If you don’t want to wait, watch any of the other Batman’s, especially the older ones, for that hero feel.

Is Robert Pattinson a good Batman? Yes. He is a good Bruce Wayne? Not yet, it’s just to early in the journey for that but you’ll understand why in the first 30 minutes.

All the actors get an A. John Turturro gets an A+ as a despicable mob boss. I really liked his performance. Colin Farrell as Penguin Get’s A++, he stole the movie for me.

Cinematography was excellent. Gotham was a character in the movie and they showed her off well. Gotham felt fleshed out. There are a number of scenes, especially towards the end, where I got a small lump in my throat because the visual brought on some spiritual epiphanies.

The soundtrack is for all of you who were 14 years old in the 90’s. I have no issue with it as it informs you about the character of Bruce Wayne. The score is more of dirge. It is foreboding and a perfect accompaniment for vengeance.

This movie is art. Art is in the eye of the beholder. Art also deserves a deeper look and a deeper appreciation and a thoughtful response.

Is Robert Pattinson MY Batman? No, but he is a good Batman who I think will get better as the character grows. My Batman will always be Michael Keaton. He was my first and made a strong impression on this young mind of the kind of Batman I thought Batman was.

But, just because Michael Keaton is my Batman doesn’t mean your Batman sucks. If this movie taught me anything, it’s that fandom, at its best, appreciates the various takes on a fictional character. I don’t have to hate your version to like my version.

Matt Reeves took Batman and brought him back to his origins as a detective and I applaud it.

If we’re real fans, we should all rejoice that all these Batmans exist, are still relevant and are above all, entertaining.

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