Sermons, like movies, books, etc. are a subjective art form. After I would preach I’d want to know, “How was that? Any good?” What you’re really asking, “how was my presentation of the sermon?” This is an honest question, great for self-reflection but bad for your ego.

The answer to, “Was it any good?” depends who you ask. A sermon, like a book or movie, is not for everyone. The movie was made with an audience in mind (18-24 year olds). The book was written with a certain audience in mind (people who read the Wall Street Journal or watch Fox News).

Your sermon, your presentation of the content, is not for everyone. The gospel, yes. Your sermon, no. Sermons, as any speech or presentation, are burdened with the presenter. You are the mode of transportation for the God Ideas in your sermon and everyone will have an opinion about how well YOU did, so stop asking.

When you’re wondering about how to write a better sermon, follow that up with, “Better for who?” and “Better for why?”

If you want to start writing better sermons, stop asking everyone if your sermon was good and just present it, from your heart, and see who it resonates with.

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  1. Joel Sanchez

    I am wondering if you can help me…I have been asked to speak at a youth camp for an entire week…7 messages. I have spoken at youth camps before, maybe 4 message max. So 7 has me scared. I wanted to speak with you about content and continuity. There is a theme but it is broad so I am having a hard time processing putting 7 sermons together that are coherent and follow a theme. I have prepared sermon series before, many times. Perhaps I am overthinking this one. Is there a consulting fee? I guess I just need to talk to someone who has experience and you would be it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. God bless you and your ministry.

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