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Starting The Year Right With Your Parents

1 · 03 · 12

Happy New Year Everyone! Are you glad last year is gone and the new year is here? Me too. One of the way to start your new year off right is by touching base with your students’ parents. I recently sent out my first of the year e-mail to my parents and thought you might benefit from it. I tried to do three things with this e-mail

1. Engage– I send out an e-mail every week that not only deals with youth programming but also offers encouragement.

2. Explain– Let’s be honest, some parents have no idea about the programs we run. I do my best to explain them so they can choose what is best for their kids.

3. Expect– Expectations are important. Parents have expectation of us and I have expectations of them. It is about partnership and working together to build the Kingdom of God.

Christianity is not a buffet but our youth programs are, so I do my best to make sure parents get to decide what their kids need and let them choose.

I Want My Kids To Be More Responsible (Be A Leader Not A Follower)

I don’t know of any parent who says to their teenager, “Please, let me do more for you while you play video games for 20 hours a week.” We take leadership seriously in Fusion. We believe students should own and lead their youth ministry . They can hear from God just like we can. They can have passions, ideas, and visions just like we can. They can execute a plan just like we can, with a little guidance. They can build the Kingdom of God just like we can. That being said, we offer a monthly Endeavor meeting, where kids and adults get together to make plans and dream for what God wants to do in this youth ministry. If you want your kids to be responsible at home. Let them be responsible for God’s house. One will reflect the other. Our first Endeavor meeting will be Tuesday, January 10th at 6:30 p.m. Location is TBA. Endeavor meeting are for 8th grade students and up.

I Want My Kid To Be A Stronger, Deeper Disciple for Christ (Act On Their Convictions)

This is not a short term goal but a life long goal. We all want to get deeper, be stronger, and live out what we believe to the max. At least I hope we do. The first step to that, as parents, is to deepen our own walk with God.This is a great time for your kids to see you go deeper as we fast and pray together for the next 21 days. I spend two hours a week max with your kids, you spend at least 28-40 hours a week (when they are not in school). My impact is limited, your impact is limitless.

We have an event this month called Discipleship Camp put on by the State A/G Youth Team. it will be in Springville on January 13-15. It is a great time to getaway for worship and teaching. I would have let you know sooner but we were not planning to go because of the Gulf Shore trip. If you would like your child to attend, the cost is $75 for Endeavor members and $80 for everyone else, and is due this coming Wednesday. I have attached a form for you. Please send me a quick e-mail if you are wanting your child to go. You can check out some of the years district activities here

We are also offering Youth Convention March 2-4. More info will be coming about this next week.

I Want My Kids To Care About (Love) Others More

Jesus said, “I will make you my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the Utter Most parts of the earth.” Jesus told his disciples this after he promised the power of the Holy Spirit. I believe Jesus is still speaking this to us, and to our young people today. We will start in Jerusalem ( Pleasant Grove, Hueytown) and move to the Utter Most parts of the world in a three year plan. We will be designing special outreaches for your kids to bring their friend to for the next four months and we will be capping it off this summer with a trip outside the state. We will be having Missions Wednesday in two weeks January 18th. After reviewing our options and prayer will will choose a location and begin fundraising. You are invited to check out the locations we are considering on that night and share your thoughts.

If you think these programs will assist you in strengthening your family, then I say come on aboard! If there are other ways, or if you have other desires for your family, let Kim and I know and we will do our best to assist you.

As always, we pray for you and your family. Please pray for Kim and I as we serve you to the best of our ability.

Paul and Kim

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