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Repeat After Me

12 · 08 · 16

I want to affirm you before you walk into your next youth meeting. Why? Because so many of us go into our youth meetings with such a lack of confidence in ourselves and in God. Many of us stand before our students feeling ill-equipped to help them; but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Read this before your next service and then walk into your meeting room with full faith and assurance that God goes with you, therefore, you cannot fail.

Tonight I meet not with students, but with friends, fellow believers of the cross

They are not my enemy. They are my flock.

I am as prepared as I can be.

I have come to this gathering to love God by loving the students He’s given me.

I love them because He first loved me.

I have not come to perform, beg, or bribe kids into a decision.

I have come to share, proclaim, discuss, and show the love God.

This will draw them to Him.

From the pulpit and during ping pong; I will love those I have charge over.

I cannot fail tonight because LOVE never fails.

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