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Painters and Players: One Game Store’s Way of Making Disciples Part 1

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My son and I recently took up a new hobby together, Warhammer 40k by Games Workshop. It’s expensive, time intensive, and we love it. Everything about the hobby says “this hobby  is going to cost you in time, money, and relational energy” and yet 100’s of thousands buy, paint, and play the hobby all over the world.

I never wanted to get into Warhammer 40k because I knew the time it would need to get good at, but a Games Worskshop store opened up near me and I thought I would check it out. From the time I walked in I had the undivided attention of the owner/manager. Here’s what our conversation looked like:

Her: Welcome to Games Workshop!

Me: Thanks

Her: What bring you by today?

Me: Just looking

Her: Do you know what you are looking at?

Me: Yes.

Her: What are you working on right now?

Me: Nothing at the moment, I’m a newbie

Her: Would you like to put some paint on a model?

Me: Sure

When I finished my basic paint job,

Her: Would you  like to put your model in a game?

Me: Sure.

She taught me some basic rules and had me moving pieces and rolling dice. After we were done she continued:

Her: What did you like best? Painting or Playing?

Me: I liked both

Her: Great, how would you like to get started?

Feel free to comment below on what you spotted in this process that looks like (or should look like) evangelism/discipleship in your youth ministry and tomorrow I will come back and share a few ideas of my own.

I break down this conversation and what it could like in your youth ministry in Part 2 of this post HERE

How did Jesus model this conversation with potential disciples in scripture?

How does youth ministry, church in general, and maybe your church break down the disciple-making process?


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