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New Resource: Insta-Prayer 21 Days of Prayer and Social Engagement

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Trying to keep  up with the teens in my group is a task but I am trying to do a better job through social media I recently wrote a post about a failed attempt to connect and what it taught me. But I am not dissuaded. I am going to keep trying. One way I am dong this is through a new resource I created to get my kids on track in their prayer life and giving them a chance to comment on a platform most of my kids use, Instagram.

Do your teenagers think prayer is boring? Maybe, but why? Maybe they need some help, some prompts that will help them develop a daily habit of prayer and that is what Insta-Prayer does. There are 21 Instagram ready photos, with scripture, that will get your kids thinking about prayer but there is a bonus. I have written a short devotion for each photo with a call to action your kids can respond to. My hope is that your kids, over the 21 days, will be excited about talking with their heavenly Father and prayer will bore them no more.


  • 21 Days of Instagram ready photos with scripture
  • 21 days of devotions to go with the pictures to help you and your students engage.

My expectations are small. if 10-20 % of my kids engage and leave a comment or like the post I’m stoked because at least that means they are reading it. I can’t make kids pray but I can give them the best chance to develop a new habit and you can too.

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