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Maybe Our Best Work Is Yet To Come

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The Thriller by Hal Lasko. You can buy a print by clicking HERE

I had a momentary existential crisis watching the video below and thought I’d tap out a few thoughts.

We all are trying to put our best work out there no matter what age we are.  The video below features Hal Lasko. Hal is an artist and after his eyesight was diminished and he could no longer paint; his grand kids bought him a computer and introduced him to Microsoft Paint. He not only continues to paint at 97 years old, but is pushing forward with possibly his best work to come. One thing Hal says in the video challenged me,  “I have patience. You have to have patience to create art”. This is one of the many things I lack but is sorely needed if I  or anyone else wants to create good art.

I am a Pastor, so I paint using my words, both spoken and written. I have yet to achieve anything close to what Hal has done in my field, but I am not so much competing with Hal as much as I am competing with my own time line. Hal is 97 and is producing great work. I am 46 and am producing slightly better than average work. Maybe time and patience is all I need to produce what I want to produce. or maybe that’s an excuse for why I am not producing my best stuff now (If I just had more time, more..etc.) .

And maybe you’re like me. Frustrated and bored with waiting. Maybe I am a frustrated artist trying to rush to  paint my best stuff now rather than be patient with the life process; but my hope is that, like Hal, my best work is yet to come.

Are you doing your best work now? If not, why not?

What are you waiting on?

What are the “right circumstances” you need to produce what you know is your best/


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