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Is Youth Specialties Team Training Worth It, Even If You Go Solo?

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Two weeks ago I attended the YS Team Training in Nashville Tn. Now, I have attended YS  Training over the past 15 years (or longer) and have found great value in them. This particular YS Training was low key than some others I’ve attended but no less beneficial.

The hosts for our training were Marv Penner and Michelle Reynolds. I had never heard Michelle before, but Marv is a veteran and always does a great job. It seemed like Michelle was pretty new and felt like the situation was a  mentor/mentee situation where Marv and Michelle would tag in and out for training.

Each session was packed with good information, links, points and yes, games.

So, was the training worth it? Yes, if your goal is to bring your whole team to bond or strategize, the weekend training is perfect for that.  What if I attend alone (as I did), is it still worth it? Yes, but you’ll have to work a little hard to build synergy when you get back, because everyone else did not experience what you experienced or heard what you heard.

Not everyone who attended was on a team. In fact, there were several couples and other one’s and two’s, so don’t think that if you do not have a team you should not attend.

What you get is a take a way booklet packed with great info, and the insights you’ll write down.

Where I think I’ve failed in the past, when I’ve attended a conference alone, is “What do I do with this information now?  Check out tomorrow’s post where I talk about filling up your content buckets.

Your Turn

Have you attended a YS One Day or Team Training?

Did you like it? Not so much?

What was your greatest struggle afterwards? Implementation? Info overload?

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