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I Normally Don’t Swear, But

12 · 08 · 20

Sometimes the only way I can adequately express myself, emphatically, is with a swear word.

I’ve heard someone recently say “the best strategy for life is to not give a damn”

I want to believe that. It certainly would be easier than caring. Caring hurts and is exhausting. Giving a damn means you’re exposed to a difference of opinion and potential conflict. Why would anyone want that? Because whatever you give a damn about is worth it.

It’s hard for me not to give a damn.

I give a damn about family.
I give a damn about ministry
I give a damn about The Church
I give a damn about hurting teenagers
I give a damn about youth workers
I give a damn about the world I live in.
I give a damn about equality.
I give a damn about community.
I give a damn about people.

And that’s why I keep clacking these keys, making videos and delivering a podcast twice a month.

It would be easier to not give a damn, to shut down social media and walk away and let everything explode in the background (cue the heavy metal music).

But that’s not me. At least I don’t want it to be, but it’s hard.

Give a damn enough to do something, say something, believe in something or create something otherwise, no one will give a damn you were ever here.

“The renewal of societies and organizations can go forward only if someone cares” – John Gardner

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