When I was a full time youth pastor, I loved me some calendars and planners. Wall calendars were my favorite because I could see the next three months at a glance and make notes. One year, I was literally putting information on four calendars every time I came up with an event or meeting. I would put it on my phone, on my wall calendar, on my desk calendar and a personal planner I had. My calendar addiction was taking over, so I had to cut back. But, for all my calendars and planners, there’s one thing they couldn’t do for me, they couldn’t actually help me plan.

There aren’t a ton of planners made specifically for youth pastors and I began to think about what that might include. I would put calendars of course, but I’d also put articles about what’s important in the planning process, a teaching calendar for topics, prompt questions to get youth workers thinking about what they should be thinking about next and some questions to keep in mind. Then I thought, “Youth Workers, don’t just need a planner the need a playbook” and that is what I have created for you.

This playbook has all that I mentioned above and more. There are planning sheets, goal setting sheets, creative space to put your ideas and some inspirational quotes sprinkled though out. Why did I create this playbook? So that you can have the best year, ever, in your youth ministry. If you want to have a great year, you have to plan on it. To get a sneak peek inside the book, you can watch the video below. To purchase the book click here or the link below the video.


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