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Help! I’m Afraid To Ask For Money For Our Students: 5 Fear Busting Tips

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T0days post is from the lovely Mrs. Turner, my wife. She is the VP and chief fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club of Central Alabama. Kim raises hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for kids to life changing opportunities.

Sometimes it’s scary to ask for money from your congregation, but you know your your kids need some help. Here are five tips before the “big ask”

Listen to The Donor

When asking for a donation, the most important part is listening. You can talk yourself right out of a donation if you talk too much. Make the ask centered around the donor, not on the ask. You should always have someone who has a good relationship with the donor make the ask, if you don’t it is awkward and you definitely will not get the amount you hope for.

People give to people, not causes

That is why famous people do telethons after natural disasters and for Jerry’s Kids. When Brad Pitt looks into a camera and asks you to give to New Orleans, he is banking on the fact that you know him, you love his movies and even though you thousands of miles away, you will send him money because he is your favorite actor and his cause is worthy. Nothing is more difficult that asking someone you don’t know for money. It is easy to say no to a stranger. Brad Pitt is your friend.

Start A Conversation

It is easy to start talking to your friend – that is why you bring Brad Pitt with you, or if you don’ know Brad, then you bring someone who knows the potential donor with you to the meeting. Let them introduce you and begin talking about normal things. After about five minutes go ahead and jump into the real reason you are there.

Explain The Outcome

Have two of three outcomes that will happen because of the donation ready to share with the donor. Don’t overwhelm the donor with information. Be sure to have a flyer or pamphlet to leave with the potential donor with more information. Stats are boring. Sharing a great success story will help you get your donation.

Practice, Practice, Practice

It is good to work out your plan before you go. There is nothing wrong with having a script and making a plan.


Your Turn

What’s your toughest issue with asking for money?

What’s your best pitch line for asking for money?

Leave me your success tips when you do ask for money.


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