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Duct Tape Ideas For Your Youth Retreat

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You can play these games or use these activities as part of your weekly program, but I think these would also work great as part of a youth retreat.

Here are more ideas for using duct tape on a youth retreat

  • Duct tape name tags (first night only)
  • Duct tape obstacle course (this could be a physical one humans have to go through or it could be a course you have roll your duct tape through)
  • Duct tape miniature golf . You can wad up the tape into ball and have to roll it in the hole, which would be circle of duct tape. You could have students make there own golf clubs out of duct tape as well or duct tape pieces of cardboard to make a their club.
  • Create a duct tape mural. Outline a simple picture of a cross plus the name of your your group and let kids tape inside the lines with various colored duct tape.

Some possible themes for your retreat

  • Stick Together
  • Fix This Life
  • Sticky Faith

I wrote a series that would go perfectly with this retreat idea or as a three week series. You can grab it here or click the pic below.

I am an Amazon Affiliate, so any purchases you make help support my ministry of ministering to other youth workers. Here are some duct tape suggestions for your games and crafts.

Six color variety pack

12 pack design duct tape

If you’re looking for a speaker for your duct tape retreat, I have spoken at dozens of retreats and camps. Check out my speakers page for more information or email me at

If you’re interested, I have a page for masking tape games as well.

Balance Tug

One on One Challenge

Fun activity. Buy several colors of duct tape and let teams of kids make shoes. Best shoes win.

Duct Tape Fashion Show

Duct Tape Bible

Duct Tape Journal

Duct Tape Wallets

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