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Becoming A More Dangerous Youth Ministry

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My past youth ministries were way too safe. Too predictable. But I was always trying to change this.

When I say I want youth ministries to be more dangerous, I don’t mean I want kids to get hurt or that we they are a place where it’s not safe for kids to share. What I mean is that you should increase the risk and take away the safety net.

The safety net is the program itself. What’s more safe than a few games and a watered down talk?

I can hear the whinging now, “But, we need the program Paauuuuul”  No, you don’t.

The program may actually be in the way of what you really want for your kids.

If you’re doing a 4 week series on sharing your faith and don’t cancel the program and take kids out to share their faith, that’s a fail.

Information without application is a fail.

Risk is the key to growth both spiritually and numerically. Don’t believe that? I’m pretty sure this is how Jesus did it and you can too. Intead of the meeting

  • Make kids go out 2 by 2 and share the gospel
  • Change the location of your youth meeting to a mountain, a sea shore, or a house
  • Buy a bunch of pizzas and say “We’re heading to the _______________(put hot spot here), hand out pizzas, and invite sinners to Jesus and then your church.
  • Go to the seniors of your church’ homes and pray for them.
  • Go out and serve the least of these with coats, hats, and blankets in winter. Sacrifice a meeting for them

Cut out all the excuses you’re thinking about using

  • They won’t do it.
  • Kids will leave
  • It will mess things  up (good!)
  • I don’t have enough leaders.
  • It’s impractical
  • My pastor won’t let us (I recommend finding a new church)

If you want your kids to experience Jesus weekly (daily!) , you have to occasionally take away the safety net and teach them how to have faith and take risks. It starts with you.

Youth Ministry is safe.

Jesus is dangerous.

Be dangerous.

Your Turn

How can you take the safety net away this week?

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