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Addicted To Confetti

10 · 04 · 22

Aaron Donald was going to retire after eight years in the NFL but winning the Superbowl changed that. He said, “I got addicted to the confetti”. Of all the mnemonic devices, it was the confetti that stuck with him and reinforced the feeling of winning.

We all have our confetti, the thing that keeps us coming back to the thing we love, even if we want to leave it. My youth ministry confetti is creativity and problem solving, building models of growth and watching students understand the truth of the gospel. Maybe that’s why I keep taking youth ministry jobs even though I think I’m too old and too tired for it.

Aaron Donald has to keep his body and mind in shape, have the passion to keep playing and his team must do the same in order to see the confetti at the end of the season.

In order to see MY confetti, I have to care. I have to put the time in. I have to keep growing and I have to keep myself from falling into the pits of sin, self-doubt and self-sabotoge.

I have seen my fair share of earthly confetti over the past 30 years, watching students grow in faith, coaching youth pastors to solutions and developing a number one podcast and a top 12 youth ministry blog, but I really do hope there’s confetti in heaven.

What’s your confetti?

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