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9 Youth Camp Devotion Ideas

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If summer is bearing down on you and you don’t have your devotions prepared for camp, allow me to help. These devotions were written with your leaders in mind to use after service or as a morning/midday devotion.

Night Light Devotions

Night Light devotions are 15-30 minute devotions designed to help students process the nightly messages they hear at a five day youth camp. Each night has a theme and goal to help campers process what they are hearing and give you a way to mark their spiritual development through the week. 

The five devotion themes are Link, Learn, Love, Live and Leap

Game Not Over

Needing devotions with a video game vibe? Gotcha. Here are five devotions that talk about getting a fresh start when you think the game of life is over. Each devotion has

  • ice breaker questions about video games
  • bible story about starting again
  • discussion questions 
  • bonus scriptures 

Getting Real With Jesus

This camp devotion looks at five conversations Jesus had and what they could mean for our students. Each devotions uses the R.E.A.L acronym to break down each of these conversations and what impact they could have on our lives.

Shine A Light

We expose our kids to Jesus, The Light, with the hopes that He will shine through them one day. The problem is, some kids don’t know what it means to shine, even the ones who say they have The Light. These five devotions will get your kids talking about light, darkness, and what it means to shine like stars in a dark world. 

This resource includes:

  • Five full length devotions 
  • Openers and Closers
  • List of songs that connect to the theme

They say that the journey is more important than the destinaton. Obviously, who ever said that did not travel with teenagers. But when you do get to your destination (camp, missions, etc.) what will you teach them? 

These five devotions, complete with 

  • an opener, 
  • discussion questions 
  • and closer activity will get your kids from “Help! I’m Lost” to “Wow! What A Trip.” 

My Jesus Mission

These five days of devotions are perfect for that mission trip around the corner or around the world. These devotions focus on sharing in the mission of Jesus from Luke 4:18,19

This resource includes:

  • Five days of devotions
  • Questions for each devotion
  • A notes page for students to share their thoughts
  • Comes in PDF and Word Doc
  • Includes graphics

Sold Out

Each devotion is accompanied by a morning devotion journal sheet your students can use to start their day. In addition, this devotion has a Play List with song suggestions to match the Sold Out theme. If your kids are not sold out to Christ yet, these devotions will start the journey to filling every seat in their heart with Christ. 


  • Set List- Scriptures you’ll be using
  • Sound Check – This is an opening activity or game 
  • Opening Band – Ice breaking questions
  • Main Attraction – This is the meat of your lesson
  • Lighters Up – Devotion closer
  • Encore – Journal Pages 


In a socieity that’s increasingly unashamed of it’s behavior, we should talk with our kids on how not to be ashamed of their beliefs. This camp devo includes five devotions, an Unashamed Song List and a scripture list. 

Each Devotion Includes:

Opening – An opening game or activity

Moving – This will be a game or a stunt that gets kids in your group moving and engaging.

Talking – I have included questions that are designed to get your kids out of their shells and into the conversation.

Thinking– This is where the scripture comes in. We want campers imaginations to run wild with stories of God’s grace and mercy and end with the question, “Could this be for me too?”

Praying – At the end of each session you’ll close in prayer but I have added an extra hands on approach.

Branching Out

The theme of these devotions is Branching Out. The goal of the devotional book is to move your kids faith along from receiving the seed of God’s Word to branching out into the world. 

Each devotion has :

  • Openers
  • Discussion questions 
  • Closers

If you are not seeing something that fits your camp theme, I write custom devotions for youth camps.

Let me know how I can serve you.

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