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4 Phenomenal Shaving Cream Games For Youth Ministry

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Shave the Balloon

Use large balloons and put a little bit of water in it. Cover the balloons in shaving cream and teams attempt to shave the balloons. This is more of a stunt than a game, so have someone hit these balloons with a pin if the balloons are not exploding.

Cheeto Face

In this case I would use whip cream instead of shaving cream do the fact that shaving cream can get in the eyes and it burns the face if it stays on too long. If you want to keep it off the face entirely, use shower was and have participants catch the Cheetos on their head.

This is so youth ministry. No matter what you do, this will be what they really want to do. Go with it. There is a special bonus part, at the end, I recommend.

I am pretty sure Jesus played this game with his disciples, it ‘s so old. Definitely want to use whip cream not shaving cream for this.

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