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35 Ways To Market Your Next Youth Event

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I’ve had this list for some time. How long? Before I updated it, it had MySpace as an option. If you are needing some new ways to promote your event or maybe you’ve forgotten a few you should be doing, this check list is here to help. I’d love to hear your favorite marketing ideas . Leave them in the comment section below.

35 Ways To Promote Your Next Event

Questions to ask before you start promoting

Name of Event__________________________________________
Date of Event_______________________ (check for conflicts with Church calendar)
Target Audience_______________________ (unchurched, christians, etc.)
Is it In House (just for your group) ____________
Is it Outreach (you want your students to invite friends) __________

Check List of Possible Marketing Avenues

  • Word of Mouth (get people talking about it)
  • Posters (where are the high traffic areas to hang these?)
  • Post Cards (to who? Do I have a mailing list ready?)
  • Sign Up List through Eventbrite
  • From the Pulpit (Get your pastor to help you out, better still
    get your kids to make a video announcement or do a skit)
  • Radio (expensive but it works if you’re promoting a big event
    like a conference or large community event. Who is your
    target? Christians? Unchurched? Pick the right station.)
  • Church Bulletin (include info on how to contact you)
  • E-Mail Newsletters blitz
  • Blog about it (set up a special blog to talk about the event)
  • Website (Put it on your church website. Need it bigger?
    Create a website.)
  • Phone Calls (personal and phone tree)
  • Flyer (make unusual hands outs to grab attention)
  • Power Point Slides (like before morning worship)
  • Table Presence (at a big youth event or in the foyer of your
    church by students)
  • Bringvitations (business card size invites to hand out)
  • Sunday School/Small Group Announcements
  • Bulletin Boards (church and community)
  • Billboard
  • E-Mails to other churches asking them to come join you
  • T-Shirts (hand made or pro make good walking billboards)
  • Pins
  • Coupons
  • Downloadable video or audio announcements
  • Special Outreach or Street Teams to get the word out. (door to
  • Booths at local events (fairs, etc)
  • Ticket sales
  • Stickers
  • Create a texting schedule to get the word out.
  • Church Sign
  • Signs in the rest room (don’t laugh, they work)

Social Media Suggestions

  • Start a Facebook Group or Page
  • Twitter – Create a hashtag #myouthoutreach
  • Vine – Create a bunch of seven second commercials leading up to the
  • YouTube (Make a commercial and share it on the platform of your
  • Tik Tok videos building up to the event
  • Instagram- Promote the event by taking pictures of the group
    preparing for the event. Show the hard work)
    Have someone write a song or rap about you event. Use services like to find someone to do this and other creative things.

Put your idea (or question)  in the comments below.

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