I like a busy though ministry. I like when kids come in and have a job; that’s why I don’t do everything. I leave things undone on purpose so kids will have something to do when they get to the church.

I believe in the economy of youth ministry. Youth Ministries are like small cities. When people are working and invested there is less crime, less blight, and less vandalism. Same is true for our ministries. More kids who serve weekly or monthly there are less complaints, less griping, less boredom, and  more vision.

Here are some roles I have given out over the years plus a few I am still working on. By the way, nothing on this list is sacred or proprietary. If we can do it a student can do it, with a little training and mentoring.

Create Worship Slides

Make Announcements

Take Offering

Poetry reading ( I have a kid who does this)

Pre-Rap your message (had a kid do this in another youth group. Would intro my message with a rap)

Share a testimony

Cafe (weekly serve snacks and refreshments)

Clean the room

Set up chairs

Lead the game

Sing A Song

Do A Dance

Do a Drama/Monologue

Play in the band

Lead Worship

Design Graphics

Weekly Photographer

Run Your Social Media

Run The Sound Board



Small Group Leader

Run The Compter

Do An Illustration

Video Tape The Service

Edit Video

Make Movies/Skits For The Message or Fun

Youtube Manager


Follow Up Leader For New Guests

Mentor To Middle School Students

Disciple New Believers

Here are a few videos I created that may help

Feel free to add your idea below.







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