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30 Ways To Creatively Invest Your Next 30 Minutes

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There’s all kind of ways to spend your next 30 minutes

  • take a nap
  • listen to a podcast
  • watch 4 or 5 Youtube videos
  • Watch a Disenchantment episode on Netflix (don’t judge me)

But none of those things are going solve a problem you have or stir up the creative juices you need to help your career or ministry move forward.

You may not be aware, but I’m a youth ministry coach. Many youth workers think this type of service is a waste and I could’t agree more, if it was any other coach. Coaching seems like a long investment to get to a solution we need right now.  That’s why I developed 30 in 30 coaching. We waste no time and get to what you want to talk about and by the end, you’ll walk away empowered at the end of our time.

Books can coach us, podcasts can coach us, the internet can coach us, but there is something about another human being caring about the work you’re doing that makes a difference. I have 30 years experience in youth/church ministryand I care about practical things being done in supernatural ways.

So, if you enjoy duck taping your ministry together with random pieces of knowledge, have at it. If you want to spend time in FB Groups crowdsourcing your strategy, go right ahead. But, if you want someone to care about you, your mission and the future of your youth ministry, take a look at the 30 ways I can help you in 30 minutes.

I can help you 

plan the the next quarter of your youth ministry

with that big idea

brainstorm ideas for that lock in

develop a discipleship strategy

cope with ministry issues

use your gifts and talents more effectively

show you how to recruit more staff

put together a youth leader handbook

up your game in social media

develop a small group strategy

just listen

pray through an important decision

give an effective altar call

crush your next message/sermon/talk

deal with difficult or weird kids

get your pastor to listen to that crazy idea you have

develop your leadership style

navigate tough topics in your ministry



disciple new believers

create a killer camp or retreat

update your resume

prepare for your next interview

teach you how to slow down

how to enjoy Sabbath

train up student leaders

invest your time for maximum effectiveness

conceptualize an outreach strategy

write your own lessons

There you go. Now, choose one, head over here to get started,  I’ll contact you about what time is best for you and we’ll jump right into what you want to accomplish.








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