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3 Things A New Leader Should Never Do

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I remember standing in front of a group of young people and uttering the words “There’s a new sheriff in town.” How arrogant, stupid and self sabotaging was that?! Even though I said it in a joking manner, the underlying truth was, I believed it. I believed I was the solution to this “problem”. It was as bad move that only resulted in me being humbled, over and over.

CNN CEO Chris Licht was like a youth pastor becoming a pastor. He had watched how things were run for a long time and when he got his chance to make change, he did it poorly. He had good ideas but bad execution.

This article, from The Atlantic, reveals where, I believe, the trouble starts,

And then I asked Licht if, looking back, there were things he wished he had done differently. He said yes—“100 percent”—but seemed reluctant to say more.

When I pressed, Licht conceded that his biggest mistake had been blazing into the place, determined to prove he was in charge, bellowing, in his own synopsis, “I’m gonna be a much different leader than Jeff,” rather than learning the place, including what Zucker had gotten right.

“I was intent on trying to draw a line of difference between the old regime and the new regime,” Licht said. “I should have just sort of slowly come in, without making these grand pronouncements of how different I was going to be.”

Tim Alberta is a staff writer at The Atlantic, June 2, 2023

Pride cometh before the fall.

This is the lesson: If you’re taking over for someone, or taking on a greater position than you’ve ever had, avoid these urges,

  • I’m going to be different than ______
  • I’m going to prove to ___________ that I am not ______________
  • I’m going to draw lines and bring order


  • Find what the previous boss did well and build on it
  • Move slowly with change
  • Don’t tell people what you’re going to do, build consensus and collaborate with others

Your church, business or organization doesn’t need a new sheriff, they need a new servant.

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