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3 Reasons To Take Your Youth Group To See God’s Not Dead

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Warning: Spoiler Alert

I took some students to see the movie God’s Not Dead. I have to by honest, I did not have high expectations going in based on previous Christian movies I had seen. This is going to be my positive post where I do not come across as a cynical jerk. That will come in a follow up post. Let me put on my optimism hat and give you five reasons Youth Groups and families should go see this movie.

1. The movie will inspire kids to know/share/stand up for their faith

The main character in this movie, Josh Wheaton (played by Shane Harper), is challenged by his Philosophy Professor, Professor Raddison (played by Kevin Sorbo) to defend God in order to pass his class. Shane does a very good job over three presentations, showing evidence to the class as to why they should change their opinion about whether God is dead or not. Kids will cheer him and admire him.

2. The movie will give you the opportunity to take kids through an Apologetic class

This movie could be a catalyst to do a series or small group or series on knowing what you believe and why. To many kids, my own included, cannot answer basic questions about their faith. I think most students who will have to answer a questions about faith will just Google it (bad idea). This is a perfect time to dust off some of those college books you have lying around and reintroduce some meatier thinking to some Christian kids who have been drinking milk far too long.

3. The movie is entertaining

Christian movies are getting better at pace and surprises and this movie has a few. Your kids most likely won’t get bored and sneak out to go see 300 Rise of an Empire. There are struggles, multiple story lines, and lots of tugs on the heart strings. The script was written by Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzleman (both of Point Break fame)  and  they know which buttons to push, especially in a predominately Christian audience. Your kids will leave with the positive vibes and a few good bumps.

Those are my top three reasons to take your kids to see the movie. Please feel free to add your own reasons in the comment section.

What did you think of the movie?

What did  your kids think of the movie?

Want some deeper questions to challenge your kids conventional faith? I discuss my observations in this video.


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