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17 Games For Any Size Youth Ministry

2 · 01 · 17

Kicking off my 17 in 17 Series. I’ll be posting things in 17’s at the begging of each month. This month is 17 Games. Keep up with my posts by subscribing to the Youth Ministry Round Up.

Walk the Line

Four Fingers Challenge

Paper Ninja – Tape newspaper to arms and legs (ninja style) and then opposing ninjas can only use one hand to rip all the paper off their opponent. Guys vs Guys and Girls vs Girls is best.

Paper fight!

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Sing it girl!

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Block Heads

Pac Man

PAC Man!

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Have a 5 second video timer and some questions and boom! You have fun!

Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes, Cup

__________ To Your Corner

If you are playing teams, divide your group evenly into four corners. Call out some creative way they must get to the corner across from them such as, cool, skip, crab walk, etc. Last person to their corner is out. Keep going until only a few are left and then start eliminating whole corners.

Shoot the Name

Mouth/Face Painting

I don’t think this is how you paint, but I’m no art critic.

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Marshmallow Wars

Haulin’ Beans



The Maze Runner

Dragons Gold

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