This is my BF (Before Facebook) attempt at getting answers for my youth room. Sadly, my church was destroyed a year later in a tornado so I didn’t have to worry about a makeover. It all worked out though. You can walk though my process of rebuilding here.

Here is a picture of our youth’s welcome center. It needs your touch. What would you do with this space to make it pop for our members and new guests. Talk to me about people, props, colors, anything you think would make this space work. What do you do? Share your secrets. C’mon, don’t make me beg.  Leave your comments.

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  1. TMV

    a) I’d claim that bulletin board. Cover it with pictures from events, posters for upcoming events, sign up sheets, EVERYTHING youth 🙂 This picture says that the cart with all the pockets is important… but it’s not really clear why… Is it the most important part of what you do? If not, don’t put it out front.
    b) Why is there a folded table shoved against the wall? And what’s the deal with the American flag shoved in the corner? Is this your welcome space or the church’s catch all?
    c) You can’t welcome someone if they don’t know they’ve stepped into new territory… DEFINE whose space you’re welcoming them to. You need a sign – colorful or not, it needs to be bold, with your logo, if you have one.

  2. I’m not great at design, but if there’s any way to get a flat-screen TV that shows great photos and highlights from youth events, that would be really attractive, and it would help capture the “soul” of the ministry. It’s on my wish list!

  3. I agree with Benjer. I tv would be great! and its versatile to where Kidmin can use it too. and use it for anouncements, welcome videos, upcoming events. Chalkboard area. where you can post random questions for the week. you can use track lighting on the ceilings for personal touch and they don’t have to be expensive. Hang the bullentin boards up and put music out there..but most importantly put people out there. that would make the place better, but things doesn’t take the place of a warm smile and handshake.


  4. the wood and the flag have to go…It screams old! Maybe try covering in dark fabric, logo pasting and adding color to walls behind…

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