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Youth Ministry Round Up #31

4 · 08 · 19

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Greetings Crazy People Who Work With Teenagers,

I hope this week finds you well. I’m still on the grind with painting jobs, Grubhub, substitute teaching, First Priority and the work I do with the Disciple Project. I have become friends with the grind because I know what my goals are.

Since retiring from full time youth pastoring to train, speak and write, I am fully convinced I will not take another full youth pastor job, it would be a step backwards for me. When you make a decision like mine, especially at age 50, clarity of vision, embracing the grind and loving the lonely journey has to be part of your DNA.

Our journeys are not so different. The same reason I left the profession of youth pastor, is the same reason why you must stay, but you must also have clarity of vision, embrace the grind and love the lonely journey.

I would ask for your prayers in a few areas

  • I am heading to a denominational statewide council to represent Disciple Project Ministries. Pray for open doors and opportunities.
  • I’m preparing summer messages for camp. I want to speak with not just God’s voice but God’s heart.
  • This first season of coaching has been awesome! We’ll be wrapping up at the end of May. The new season begins August 5th and ends November 5. Pray for all the right people who need to be a part.

Three truths,

Youth Ministry is hard. Jesus loves you. And I’m here if you need me.

Have a great week everyone.


Oh, and here’s your Summer Youth Ministry Round Up as a bonus.


An unsolvable roadblock might be better called “reality. @SethGodinBlog

Drugs don’t just destroy who you are, they destroy all the people you might have been – John Taylor, The Good, The Bad, and the Uncanny.

Love your neighbor. The ones who do not share your faith. who are different than you. who do not agree with you. who don’t share your politics. Yeah, those neighbors. @paulturnertoo

The Worst Behaviors of bad bosses

Takes credit for your work

Doesn’t trust

Doesn’t recognize good work

Doesn’t empower you

Doesn’t care if you’re overworked

Promotes the wrong people

Doesn’t set expectations

Focuses on weaknesses than your strengths. @larrykim



We Are In The Replacement Business


Why Every Youth Pastor Should Substitute Teach At Least Once

Divorce May Drastically Effect Rich Kids Education More Than Others

Black Millennials Skip Out On Church Earlier Than White Millennials


The 21 Most Important Questions of Your Life

Tell Me What You Did Today And I’ll Tell You Who You Are


Formula For Phone Addiction


Powerful story of love and generosity

Good intro to a message on grace vs works or as a worship intro.

Do all teens think the same? Would you try this with your teens?

Cell Phone Culture In The NFL (we saw this coming, right?)

Air Pods 2 vs Air Pods 1, if you’re into that sort of thing.

You know you want to do this 🙂 And you can. You may not be able to build all this stuff, but you can put tape on he floor to make a maze or make a maze out of chairs. More resources below.

Grab your pac man costume here 

and your ghost costumes here

The Drop: Your Christian Music Playlist for April

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