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Youth Ministry Round Up Summer Edition

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It’s not quite summer yet, so you still have time to do some planning. I hope these videos will give you some summer inspiration from kick off to closing out.

If you have no plan or are looking for something short term to build your youth ministry attendance, I recommend my TRIBES Summer Outreach Programs.. Tribes will get your kids to show up during the summer with epic games and team building. You can grab it here for ($9.99 normally $14.99)

If you are needing devotion for camp, let me recommend these five day camp devotions for your leaders to use. They’re only $4.99 each.

Branching Out Camp Devotions

Sold Out Camp Devotions

Road Trip Camp Devotions

Unashamed Camp Devotions

Getting Real With Jesus


Recovering From The Post Summer Blues

14 Summer Activities

8 Great Summer Outreach Ideas

7 Simple Summer Ideas For Student Ministry


Youth Ministry Games for Summer

More game videos over at and don’t forget to subscribe!

Summer Camp Tips

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