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Youth Ministry Round Up #3

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The Tweets

You’re about to transition from being skipped over to being sought after! Relax!! You won’t have to compete for what God says is yours.

— Real Talk Kim (@RealTalkKim) March 21, 2018

This is grit. Stop rescuing kids. Let them  fail, flounder, and even fail. Be there to encourage, affirm, and equip.

For us to be Successful we go through difficult things or challenges 💔♥😊

— IG:vhutali_n 🇿🇦 (@vhutaliii) March 14, 2018


Older Generations, Your Voice Matters

Great review of new Larry Norman biography 

Five High Value Questions You Should Be Asking About Your Middle School Ministry

Podcasts Controlled Chaos interviews Mark Ostreicher 

Resources Shine A Light 5 Week Series 

Videos Funny Mumbly Rap Video. This would make a funny opener. Youth Meetings 101: What’s the meaning? No Prep Game: Triangle Tag

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