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Youth Ministry Round Up #119

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Trends and Culture

Teens share the joy, despair and anxiety of college admissions on TikTok

Only 51% of Gen Z high schoolers considering a four-year undergraduate degree — a whopping 20 points down from the 71% in May of 2020. – JUV Consulting

The days of singing along to the Top 40s station are long gone. With the digitization of music, radios *outside of the car* have become near-obsolete for Gen Z. If you can create your own tailored station, why use someone else’s? In terms of in-car listening, among those 13-24, AM/FM leads 48% versus 43% mobile. With the overall population’s vehicular use of streaming platforms like Spotify at only 7% in 2018, phone-based listening has experienced an exponential rise. – JUV Consulting

A Knit study of Gen Z found 75% being influenced by calorie count and 83.5% by ingredients when it comes to snacks.- JUV Consulting

Culture Bites – Spark and Honey (AI and ChatPGT)


This country wanted a 69-hour workweek. Millennials and Generation Z had other ideas

On Jason and Mark, and a vanishing teenage experience (an essay on friendship)

What Parents Need to Know About the Hidden Body Image Issues in Boys

How to show up for teens when big emotions arise

Balance and Boundaries: Bi-Vocational Ministry Done Right Part 1

Balance and Boundaries: Bi-Vocational Ministry Done Right Part 2


The Friendship Recession

Answering your youth ministry questions every Wednesday at 11:00AM CST

I see nothing but facts here

NF is back and this one hits hard (I’m not crying, you’re crying)


Twist on Four Square

Time to level up

Make it to where they can’t live without you


Summer Outreach: TRIBES

Summer SOAP Studies

9 Youth Camp Devotion Ideas

Bible Escape Room: Paula and Silas

4 Week Series: Challenge Accepted

4 Week Series: Transformed

3 Week Series: Destination Up

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