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Youth Ministry From A Parent's Perspective

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If you’re not a parent, how often do you look at your youth ministry form a parent’s perspective? It could change how often you have conflict with parents. It could open doors for parents to become part for your team or to at least serve in some compacity.

This is goal of my conversation in today’s Youth Ministry in Motion Podcast. My guest is Jennifer Naumann Uren. She has five kids, one that has gone through youth group, one in youth group and one starting youth group. She is not one of my former parents so her opinion is unbiased. Give her a listen and, I believe, you will change what parent ministry looks like in your youth ministry.

01- 2:53 : Jennifer shares about her family and youth group. experience

5:40 – 7:49 Should parents be a part of the youth group meeting if their child does not want them to be?

8:57 – 11:40 The Importance of A Parents Relationship with The Youth Pastor

11:41 – 15:17 Building Relationship with Parents and Empowering Volunteers to Engage With Parents

15:18 – 22:54. Ideas For Building A Parent Ministry

23:55 -28:44 Four Expectations Parents Have of Youth Ministry

28:45 – 37:11 Jennifer answers viewers questions

37:12 – 42:37 Jennifer gives advice about dealing with “That Parent”

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