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Youth Group Bible Study On Deconstructing Faith Part 3

This is part three of a three part bible study on helping those who walk away from the faith and how to strengthen your own faith in the process. Click here to go to part one.

Why isn’t God afraid of our hard questions?

What does this say about God?

What does Jackie mean when she says,

“Process is driven by motive. If you are looking for a reason to not trust God, there’s a lot of options”

How does idolatry play a part in our process to trust God or not?

How does your submission to the answers (God gives) play a part in whether you trust to follow God or not?

Preston makes the point,

You must ask questions about the human heart, what drives you from God in the first place?

When does unbelief start?

– When God does not answer your prayers

– When God does not meet your expectations

Jackie says we should use scripture with unbelievers, but why? (to allow the Holy Spirit to bring revelation, to inject truth where there has been no truth)

Believing God is hard. Following Jesus is hard.

What do you think about when Jackie said,

“The devil loves to use the thing we’ve gone through as an attempt to change our minds about what God has revealed”

God is good when things are not good.

God is great when things are not great.

God is there when you feel abandoned

God is present when you feel rejected.

Close in prayer

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