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Youth Camp Tip #5 : Three Ways To Follow Up With New Commitments

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How come we spend so much time getting ready for camp but very little time on the follow up after camp? This is a question I’ve asked youth workers for years. We love to talk about camp and the camp experience and all God does in the lives of our kids, but I am thinking we count way too much on the “mountain top experiences” to carry our kids to Christian maturity; this is why I offer a few tip to get us all ready to disciple our kids after camp.

1. Create accountability partners 

For those kids who do make a commitment or recommitment to Christ, why not set up an adult to check in with them once a week to see how their commitment is going. You could also pair up more mature Christian teens to walk with new believers. This helps both teens in their walk with Christ.

2. Offer Them Resources

You may want to offer a small booklet a kid could read or work through themselves, such as this and this 

3. Partner with Parents

Try working out a plan with parents to do the follow up with their own kids if possible. This is the best strategy and most fruitful way a teen can grow their faith and grow closer to their parents as well.

I posted a few tips to help parents with the post camp experience called What To Expect When Your Teen Comes Home From Camp.

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