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7 Post Camp Questions Parents Should Ask Their Kids

We just got back from camp last week but before we took off I hand these questions out to the parents as a guide to help them disciple their kids back home

Some parents ask a ton of questions and their kids are not even unpacked yet. Some parents, to be honest, do not ask enough questions about their teens camp experience. Here are seven questions that will help you discern what your child received at camp and how to can help them grow in their relationship with God. Try to keep it to maybe one or two question a day.

1. Do you feel like God did anything special in your heart this week? 

Teens live off emotion and will be better able to describe what camp felt like rather than what actually happened.

2. How did the worship draw you closer to God this week?

Ask them about the band or what their favorite song(s) were. Sometimes the song(s) they mention are clues to what they experienced from God that week. If they mention a bunch of songs, why not buy the songs on iTunes so they can re-visit their camp moments through song.

3. Who did you most connect with at camp?

Don’t freak out, but the kids your kids connect with, may not be a kid from the youth group. In a large camp kids get to meet kids from all over. This is does not mean they do not like their youth group, it just means they enjoyed being around some other people who happen to not be in our youth group. Asking your kids who they connected with will tell you if they made new friends or renewed old friendships.

4. Do you feel like you should start or re-new any spiritual practices that will strengthen your relationship with God? (Prayer, Bible reading, worship time, sharing their faith, etc.)

Keeping the spiritual fires burning after camp is one of the hardest things to do for any parent or Pastor; but daily spiritual practices are super important to the life of a Christian. Ask your youth pastor if they have any follow up/devotional material you can use or buy your kids something you know they will keep up with. Maybe you could find seven days (one a day) of You Tube videos that would encourage their faith.

5. Did anything in the messages stick out to you?

Your kids will not remember most of the messages just like you don’t remember what your Pastor says from week to week; but, some things will stick out. Ask about the parts, quotes, or illustrations of the messages that did make an impact.

6. Do you believe God is asking you to make any life style changes so you can better serve Christ?

I always ask students after camp, “So what changes?”. If they say “nothing” then it’s possible they have not had a authentic encounter with Jesus. Everyone who meets Jesus changes something. Zachaeus, the tax collector, met Jesus and gave back money to those whom he had cheated. The leper who was healed became more thankful. There are changes you can see and changes you cannot see. Be patient, but don’t be afraid to ask the question, “What changes?”

7. How can I help you in your walk with Christ?

This is the most important question. As the chief disciple maker in your home, your kids need to know that you are not only committed to making them “good kids” or moral kids, but that you are there to make them “fishers of men” as well. Ask good questions, then listen, and then just love your kid like crazy until the fruit of God’s work at camp is made clear.

Do you offer your parents any post camp discipleship resources?

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