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What If You Don’t Make The List?

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I recently learned I didn’t make The Top 30 Youth Ministry Blogs of 2015. Thing is, I wasn’t trying to make it and only slightly disappointed that I didn’t make it.

Some of us have lists in our head we’d like to make

Pastors Top 3 Favorite Staff Members
Top 9 Hipster Beards
Top 5 Best Meme Makers In My Youth Worker Facebook Group
Top 100 Youth Workers In America
Top 2 Favorite Parents (in my own house)
Top Youth Pastor in my town (in a town with only 1 church, yours)
Top 10 Group Game Master

Of course there is no such lists, but if there were, would you want to be on it? How hard would you try to be on it? What would you be willing sacrifice to see your name there?

The lists we strive to be on tells us a lot about ourselves. The work we do isn’t to make a list because the kids we serve could give a crap less if we’re on anyone’s list.

Kids in our youth group want to be on our list of:

Top Kids Most Loved
Top Kids Worthy of Our Time
Top Kids Asked to Serve

We should have a long list, in no particular order, and easy to get on.

I am thankful we made God’s list of favorite kids and, in the end, it’s the only list that really matters isn’t it?

Your Turn

Are you working to make “the list” or to serve those who don’t give a crap if you’re on a list?

What list have you been trying to get on?

What have you been sacrificing to get there?

If you make it, will it be worth it? Why or why not?

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