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The Exciting Summer Outreach Program That Will Grow Your Youth Ministry

I was always taught Summer Jump not Summer Slump. This means that while other churches shut down/wind down for summer, our church was going to grow. I just had to figure out how to make that happen.

For the past ten year and two churches I have used the TRIBES outreach program. The 10 week outreach brought new kids through our doors and brought life and excitement to our youth ministry, but not just our youth ministry, other youth ministries as well.

I have had other youth pastors credit me for the growth in their youth ministry

“Paul gave us the tools to grow the youth ministry through this event”

“This outreach gave us the bump we needed”

“Our students were excited to bring their friends to church”

Tribes offers 10 weeks of activities and themes, some create by my staff and students, that gave students the excitement to invite their friends. Here’s what you get when you purchase the TRIBES Outreach Program

  • 30+ page outreach guide
  • 10 Weeks of Theme Ideas/Games, etc. 
  • Guest Cards
  • Over a dozen social media graphics
  • 6 Audio Coaching Lessons (over 45 minutes)
  • Checklist: 35 Ways To Get The Word Out About Your Event
  • 5 Score Slides

Although this is a great way to bump your summer numbers, there’s no reason you can’t use this for the spring or as an outreach to kick off back to school.

Youth Ministry growth requires work, prayer, volunteers and creativity,

If you want to

  • grow your youth group
  • build memories
  • get volunteers excited to help
  • understand the principles of a good outreach

Tribes is the way to do this.

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