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Nine Nimble Balloon Games For Youth Ministry

12 · 18 · 19

Welcome or welcome back! Thanks for stopping by to check out some of my choice balloon games for youth ministry. This post is part of my 16 Game Supplies Every Youth Ministry Must Have series. Be sure to visit and check out the other 15.

There are literally hundreds of games you can play with balloons from simple races to complex them builders but I chose these eight for the right combo of fun and challenge.

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100 Party Balloons for $10 and change

100 Balloons going to take a lot of air so don’t waste your breath, here’s an electric ballon pump.

Take your balloon game night to the next level with glow in the dark balloons.

My youth pastor friend, from across the pond, Hellyers, has this fun balloon game to offer. You can build the boxes or you can lay down some tape or even can cut down a washer dryer box as other options.

Here are five games in one video! Get creative and add to it like

  • add some cones to go around
  • use glow in the dark balloons
  • put a tootsie roll in the balloons to make them bounce slightly off balance

This one is quick and easy and you could have multiple rounds.

This one was always my favorite to play. Put one some hype music and watch the chaos.

Balloon Fooseball is a blast!

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