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Marshmallow Madness: 5 Sweet and Sticky Games

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I love marshmallows. I love peeps and smores and peeps in smores. You could do an entire night of marshmellow games, but why stop with games. You could

  • have a bonfire at the end of the night and make smores
  • have a marshmallow fondue with dipping sauces
  • have that weird fluffernutter stuff and make banana sandwiches

Then there are the games. Her are five I think that would make for a fun evening.

Bombs Away!

Mystery Marshmallow

Marshmallow Toss

It looks like the students have a shower cap on with shaving cream on top. I would have students only be able to throw one at a time. Maybe put a sheet between them the student throwing and the student with the shaving cream on their head, so the person throwing has to arch their throw and the other student has get under it. Just an ideas.

This is just crazy. If you can pull this off, kudos to you.

Marshmallow Dodgeball

This is just a free for all, but you could put a twist on this like creating a smaller space and use marshmallow guns like this set of 12 shooters

Or maybe slingshots

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