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I Should Hate The Chewbacca Mom But I Want To Be Just Like Her

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I’ll be honest. I usually hate these viral stories. They get on my nerves because I see it everywhere.  My Facebook and Twitter Feed get clogged with the video itself and all it’s renditions.I should have thrown up when Kohl’s sent her a ton of Star Wars stuff to here and her family. I should have said, “O.k., o.k. that’s enough, can we get back to the cat videos please?” I should have sighed heavily and rolled my eyes when she started to make tv and radio appearances. The final straw for me should have been her appearance on the James Cordon show where James Cordon and J.J. Abrams are in the car with her and they all put on Chewbacca masks and laugh it up. This should be a hit piece on why I hate this stuff, but, in this case, I felt none of the above.

This video is different, it’s the story of how Candace Payne’s joy in the simple brought her the world. And within this sentence lies the secret to your success.

Donald Miller writes about not liking Jazz very much until he was in New Orleans and watched a tree musician played the saxophone. Watching this man’s passion and joy in playing jazz, it changed his mind and made him want to love jazz as well.

Watching this vice made me want to do what i do with more joy. Joy cannot be faked. it cannot be misinterpreted. Joy is joy and it is evident to all.

The recipe is simple

Take joy in what you do.

Take joy in the simple.

Take joy in joy (hence all the laughing Candace did)

Take joy in who you are and do not hide it.

Joy bring success even if it isn’t viral. Joy leads us please we never though we could go.

Joy will blow us away.

If you’re jealous of Candace because she did naturally what you work so hard to present, ask yourself, “Am I creating this with joy? ”

So I say to you Candace, go on those shows, write your book, speak at those conferences, keep living a life of joy. I will not begrudge you one second.  Your joy in the simple was truly worth every penny.


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