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How I Can Add 30 Days Of Value To Your Life/Ministry

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Last August I participated in 30 days of #VEDA which stands for Vlogging Every Day In August. This is sponsored by Amy Schmittauer over at SavvySexySocial. Well, it’s about to happen again in April and I need your help

In August, I vlogged all 30 days on the iPhone app Periscope to get used to the platform. I used Amy’s list of random vlogging ideas so that you guy could get to know me on a personal level.

Here’s a sample of me just chatting it up. My life is not that interesting, but if you really wanna know stuff about me you can watch the whole 30 days HERE

The difference between this year and last is that I will be recording all of these straight to my YouTube channel and then post them here on the blog. These videos will also be three minutes or less (I hope)

What could I do that would add value 30 Days of Value to your life or ministry for the next 30 days?

30 Days of Devotions for you or your kids?

30 Days of my Favorite Youth Ministry Games?

30 Days of Live Stream Conversations?

30 Days of Books You Should Read?

30 Days Of Reading One Book plus Reflections?

30 Days Of Youth Ministry Tips ?

30 Days of Quotes and Commentary?

30 Days of __________________________?

Choose something from this list or share your own. If I choose your list, I’ll give you my new free curriculum Soul Wars.

Leave me a comment below or send me an e-mail at of what you’d like to see.




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