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Helping Teens Study The Bible On Their Own

“Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” – attributed to Confucius

That is the foundation of this episode of the Youth Ministry in Motion podcast. Not only do we need to shorten the distance between a student’s conversion and them actually doing what Christ taught, we need to start teaching kids how to eat for themselves rather than hooking them up to the youth ministry IV bag to get their spiritual nutrients.

Here’s the run down

  1. There is no better book to study the Bible than the Bible itself
  2. Create curiosity. What do students want to know?
  3. Point kids to the Youversion bible app or something similar for devotions
  4. Sit down and teach students your best study tips and walk them through the study process.
  5. Use the S.O.A.P method. Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer
  6. Keep them accountable without sounding judgmental, ask them, “Read anything good lately?” or “Hey, have you been curious about anything lately? Let me offer you a few verses for you to study on that.”

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I share some SOAP resources right here

Bible Study Resources from Disciple Project Ministries

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