If you’re a youth worker, or anyone other than a camper from the camp I spoke at this past summer, welcome! This is a week at a glance page I created for the campers. Enjoy!

If I can serve you at your camp, retreat or revival, please leave a comment or visit www.paulturnerspeaks.com.

If you’re interested, I have all these lessons ready for you to share with your group. The series is called Gideon: From Weak To Warrior and is available right here.

Hey Campers! Thank you so much for an awesome week. Here are all the VLOGS and messages from our week.

Sunday’s Message

Monday’s Vlog

Monday’s Message Part One

Monday’s Message Part Two

Scriptures: Judges 6:1-6, 7-10

Tuesday’s Vlog

Tuesday’s Message Part One

Tuesday Message Part Two

Wednesday Vlog

Wednesday Message: I did not record this session, but here are the notes.

Thursday VLOG

Thursday’s Message Part One

Thursday’s Message Part Two

Zach Williams Rescue Story Lyric Video

Here is a free Start Again Bible Study for you. Download it here.

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