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Giant Game Board Challenge For Your Youth Ministry

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Sometimes the internet has good things, like this Giant Board Game challenge from Unspeakable. This a great game for your youth ministry that you can play between two teams, as an opener for your youth ministry or it’s everyone against everyone.

You cool use this as a special event for your next lock in. The video is almost thirty minutes long, but all the directions are in the first five minutes.

Here’s a break down

You can use monopoly money to give away and teens can spend it throughout the night on special food, prizes, privileges, etc.

Have some funny game pieces to for student to move around the board.

Roll the dice and move that many space .

Each color has a specific reward or consequence

Yellow – Pop a balloon, do the challenge (no reward)

Red – Spin the wheel of losers (you lose money)

Green – Spin the wheel of winners (you gain money)

Black – Choose a piece of paper from a bucket and do a certain challenge and if you complete it, you win money.

Blue – Neutral, nothing happens

If you do this as part of your weekly youth meeting, and your group is small enough, everyone can play or get at least a couple of turns.

If you’re group is big, choose six people to play up front and keep the board small, maybe 12-16 squares total.

If you’re using this as part of a lock in, you could visit the board a couple of times during the night.

If you do not have the supplies, I have you covered. Here’s everything you need.

Foam Game Board Pieces

Carnival Spinning Wheel (big)

Carnival Spinning Wheel (small)

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