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Election Day Inspiraiton

11 · 04 · 14


Do you remember the movie Dave from 1993. It stars Kevin Kline as a presidential look alike drafted into impersonating the real President who has had a stroke. It’s a wonderful movie. Dave is just an ordinary guy put in an extra-ordinary situation because of his familiar look of a powerful man. The President’s wife (Sigourney Weaver) eventually figures out who Dave really is and they decide to run away. As they’re eating a sandwich the Firs Lady asks Dave a question, “If you had one more day to be President, what would you do”. Dave answers, “Lot’s of things”.

We are in a unique situation. We are Christians, or “little Christs”. We are not Christ but have been invited to be his ambassadors on this planet for him. There are days where we feel like frauds. We know we are not Jesus but we represent him none-the-less, but like Dave, having all of the powers of the Presidency, we have all the power of Jesus Christ.

We have the authority of His name – John 14:14, Mark 16:17

We have the power of His Spirit – Acts 1:8,9

We have the love of God – Romans 5:5

So, as fraudulent as we may feel some days, God’s promises are still in tact. Dave did some good in the role of President. He saved some homeless shelters, he put forth a bill to put people back to work, and more importantly, he restored dignity to the office of the presidency. We have one more day, today. What impact will have with all the power we’ve been given?

Your Turn

Where have you dismissed your power? Family? Church?

What will you have to do to assume the role Christ has given you?

You have one more day, what will you do with the authority you have been given?

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