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Eight Outrageous Straw Games for Youth Ministry

11 · 03 · 19

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I was going to call this Games That Suck, but that is a terrible title. These games do suck, but in the best possible way, because…straws!

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Now, on with the games!

Haulin’ Beans

Pouty Straw. You’ll get how to play this in the first 30 seconds.

Great game! Be sure to check my other Q-Tip Games

Straw Boss

This game is super simple, but you could jazz it up and make it a great team building game or a game for a message.

First take a picture, maybe from a magazine or print one off, and cut it up into small squares. These could be youth group pictures you’ve taken over the years. Make as many of these cut up pictures as you have teams and it can be the same picture or different pictures.

Once the teams have passed ever piece of paper down the line, and on to a table, they can begin to put the picture back together again. Firs team who puts their puzzle together, wins.

Good and Gross! This can be be one with the cups in paper bags if you don’t want to be too fancy.

Team Builder!

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