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Could I Pay You In Joy?

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I have a Fiverr account. Fiverr is a place where you can charge a minimum of $5 for a product or service. I don’t really  promote it a lot, but I should.

I offer “gigs” such as

  • Writing custom devotions for your teens
  • Practice interviews for youth pastors
  • Create custom prayer stations for your retreat or youth meeting
  • 15 minute coaching session on any YM subject

A few days ago I received a request for a practice interview from a young lady named Chrissy.

My account was not accepting gigs because I had been slack in signing in etc. But, I did not let that stop me. I took 45 minutes and did a mock interview with Chrissy and it was the best time.

I could have said, “pay me and then I’ll…”  but I would have lost a wonderful experience. Instead, I went forward with the interview and I received something more than money, she paid me in joy.

I think people, both in and out of ministry, are leaving more than money on the table because of their commitment to just getting the money, getting the subscription, getting the accolade, getting the follow or getting the sale.

I’m shocked that I don’t get more offers on Twitter to amaze me from all these Marketers and Tech folks that tell me, in their bio, how much they can do for me. Well, I’m one tweet away people. Feel free to make an offer. I’ll pay you with joy, gratefulness, a blog post of my experience, a tweet, a re-tweet, a mention, a brag, etc. But, I think most people who are focused on “just getting paid” are losing.

My interview with Chrissy offered me great insight and continued empathy for youth workers. The value and joy she paid me with far out weighs the $5-10 I would charge for my time.  Maybe I should have paid her $5 for the opportunity.

How would you like to get paid today?

Your Turn

What are you committed to “just getting paid for” ? What are you missing out on by focusing solely on money as the the value you will receive?

What can you give away in exchange for joy?

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