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9 Popular Ping Pong Ball Games for Youth Ministry

11 · 04 · 19

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I don’t know how popular ping pong is in your youth ministry, but you don’t even need a ping pong table to play most of these games.

Ping Pong balls are so versatile, and inexpensive, they are a must have for your youth ministry game supply collection.

You need a fair amount of ping pong balls for some of these games for your youth group so let me recommend you buy in bulk.

You can get

a 100 pack of white ping pong balls here for under $20

a 100 pack of orange ping pong balls here

or 100 multi-colored ping pong balls here (but, you may have to explain why you bought beer pong balls to your finance committee)

Need more paddles? Here’s a set of six unbreakable ping pong paddles. They last a while.

Here are six games right off off the bat, three in one video and three in the next.

Finally, a use for all those old cd’s you have

Great Team Builder

You can play this two ways, as is as in the video or…

have one ping pong paddle on each side the player must pick up to hit the ball with. Both are fun ways to play.

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