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7 Ways Churches Can Partner With Public Schools During The Pandemic

I asked, on Instagram @thedproject, what questions do you have about youth ministery and Matt had a great question,

How do you partner with local schools (especially when they’re meeting virtually)?

My wife, who is a former school teacher and is currently the CEO of a Boys and Girls Club, came up with a few ideas.

Host a Zoom for teachers and do give aways and offer some encouragement. Make it short, maybe 15-20 minutes.

Poll teachers for what they need and put together gift bags to drop off.

Offer to do graphics for teachers who need help creating presentations or offer to create the presentations.

Offer a “teachers eat free” at a local spot and pre-pay for x amount of meals.

Sending a specialty food truck to the school (like cup cakes) and pay for the cupcakes.

Do a cleaning supply drive for teachers.

Partner with the local YMCA or Boys and Girls Club to see what they need as they help students in their learning centers participate in Zoom calls with teachers.


If you have professional counselors in your church, see if they’d be willing to offer free therapy for a few teachers who need it.

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