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7 Rowdy Rubber Band Games

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When I was researching rubber band games, I was surprised by the international flavor of the games I discovered. I guess, everyone loves a good rubber band game.

There are several kinds of games here ranging from team building to individual competition. You could have a whole night of rubber band games or you could spread them out over a few weeks.

Let me recommend a few series/message ideas where these kinds of games would fit.

Stretching Your Faith

Being Spiritually Flexible (in Prayer, In Worship, etc)

Banding Together (in tough times, in prayer, etc.)

I hope you enjoy all the games below; I am an Amazon affiliate so I have linked up a few resources below. All the purchases you make go to support this website and Disciple Project Ministries. Thanks.

Grab your rubber bands in bulk here

Elastic Face – Not in English, but I think you get the point.

Stretch, but don’t break. Who can make the longest line with their rubber bands without breaking their rubber bands?

This has so many possibilities. You could have a rubber band cup war or launch cups at a tower of jenga blocks to see who can knock them all down or you could see who could launch the most cups into a shoebox. Lot’s of possibilities here. Let the students make them and then play with them.

Rubber Band Hair Styles

The Human Slingshot Game, grab yours here.

Rubber band guns. You can shoot multiple rubber bands with these guns and you can either use the guns in one on one contests, whole group war or you can us the guns to shoot plastic cups off a table.

The original rubber band “handgun”

You don’t need cool targets like the ones in the video, you could use plastic cups and see which team can knock off/over the other teams cups. Or, you could use point targets like this one or this one

Rubber Band Tube Shoot Out

Use any wrapping paper tube or, to make it harder, a paper towel tube)

Easy set up and you can play two ways.

  1. The way they play in the video where they must get the tube off the table or
  2. Just get the tube over the line to your opponents side or
  3. Have whole groups shooting instead of just one on one. This would go faster

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