People trying to do things blindfold as the one of the first trends of 2019 sound a bit odd, but there are worse things, right? For those not in the know, the Bird Box Challenge came as a result of the Netflix movie Bird Box based on the book by Josh Malerman. Let’s just sum up the movie by saying that opening your eyes is and thing.

This is the kind of trendy movie that a former youth pastor, like me, would jump on in a flash. Since I do not have a youth group of my own, I thought I’d pass on some fun blind fold games you can use for your youth ministry.

This game is self explanatory, but you can mix it up.

There are not instructions to this game but you can tell the blindfolded person has a partner. My guess is, the one the blindfolded persons can do the tagging. It also looks like having a small, restricted space would be best.

Pretty simple. Put stuff on the ground, First one to pick them up wins. Want to make it harder? Make it puzzle they have to put together,

Team building game.

To make this harder, I would give the person blindfolded a pool noodle.

Guess the nasty food! Make the food messy, weird, etc.

You could base the winner on the quickest time through.

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