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7 Bonkers Beach Ball Games For Your Youth Event

12 · 02 · 19

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Beach balls aren’t just for summer, or even the beach. Beach balls are a quick youth ministry tool you can grab from a closet and have a ton of fun with in your youth ministry in any season.

Why not have a beach night in the winter.

  • Sand Castle building contest (buy sand at Lowes)
  • Play “beach music”
  • Ask kids to wear Hawaiian shirts
  • Have a luau
  • Do a cook out
  • Decorate the room with surfboards or Tiki torches
  • Play limbo

There are lots of great beach balls games for your youth ministry below, so get crackin’ and make this thing happen!

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25 pack of 5 inch beach balls

12 pack of 12′ inch beach balls

12 pack of emoji beach balls

Giant Beach Balls

5 foot Beach Ball

6 foot Bach Ball

12 foot Beach Ball

Chair Volley Ball

I love that I found this will older people playing. This could be a great intergenerational game.

Discussion Game

There’s at least 4 games you could play in this video alone

If you want the Giant Beach Ball, you can grab one here.

Indoor Beach Ball Volleyball

Bonus: Beach Ball Hockey

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