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6 Social Distancing Games For Youth Ministry

5 · 27 · 20

Do you want to play games with your students when you get back together but are worried about social distancing? Here are five games that are fun regardless of distance.

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Reverse Charades

Have a team to get up and see how many words their teammate can guess. One teammate must sit in a chair in front of a screen. The rest of the team has to (without touching each other or talking) try to get the team mates to guess the words or phrase on the screen behind them.

Poop Deck

Tip: Space everyone out as you see fit.

River Bank

Tip: Make sure everyone is standing at least six feet apart. You could make a giants square on the floor a river bank on each side of your room) to spread people out further.

Tic Tac Toe Dash (you can play this on the wall or on the floor)

You can set the teams to any number you like. Smaller teams of 3-5 would be best. Each team tries to complete tic tac toe before the other team.

Tip: For the on the floor version use bean bags, but be sure to disinfect the bean bags after every round of play.

Musical Playdoh

Tip: Move kids further away from each other where they have to toss the play doh to each other.

The Rhythm Game

Tip: Make a bigger circle. This game is fun whether regardless of the distance you play it at.

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