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5 Hype Hula Hoop Games For Youth Ministry

12 · 08 · 19

Thanks for stopping by to check out these hula games. This post is part of my 16 Game Supplies Every Youth Ministry Must Have series. Be sure to visit and check out the other 15.

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The Hula Hoop was invented in 1958 and it is the gift that keeps giving. Before, you tried to see how long you could Hula Hoop, now there are so many ways to use Hula Hoops, its the part of the youth ministry games Swiss army knife.

You can possibly buy a Hula Hoop at the dollar store but on average a Hula Hoop will cost 3-4 dollars. Here are some links to some deals on not just regular Hula Hoops but various kind so you can mix it up.

I am an Amazon Affiliate, so any purchase you make helps support Disciple Project Ministries and this website. Thanks.

Your budget may not allow for a lot of these, but these Led Hula Hoops would be fun night versions of any of these games.

Pack of 12 standard Hula Hoops

You can buy glow in the dark hula hoops or you could buy glow in the dark tape and tape up the hula hoops you have. There is only 30 ft of tape, enough for about 5-6 hula hoops, so use it sparingly.

Hula Hut Game

Build a hut, guard the hut, knock down someone else’s hut.

You can have multiple teams play this, when a team is done they should sit down as quick as possible.

You can use bean bag, bandanas or even t-shirts to represent X’s and 0’s

Hula Hoop Showdown

Have a line or any shape of about 30 hula hoops and a line of students at each end. On your go, one student from each line hops until they meet each other. Students must play rock, paper, scissor and the loser has to run to the back of their line. The winner keeps hopping trying to get to the end. Whichever team loses rock, paper scissor, quickly sends another student hopping out to meet the other team before they get to the end of their line. First team to get to the other team wins.

Hula Hoop Relay

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